Monday, 13 April 2020

FILM REVIEW: There Were Goddesses - a short film by RashDash

 A short, 4 minute film, without dialogue, written and performed by RashDash (Helen Goalen and Abbi Greenland) with Alice Russell. produced by Third Angel and commissioned for The Small Celebrations.

In this short we see these three ladies go in and out of their dressing rooms many times after repeating the same stage show over and over again. On one occasion, they leave the theatre, still in costume, and walk down the busy and loud city street. They escape to a secluded wood. It's quiet, no noise at all. Here they can be who they truly want to be. They climb trees and luxuriate in the serenity. - or at least would if they hadn't have spent the rest of the film singing about being who they want to be and telling us with words who they really are. It's a nice song, and starts quietly with a folk lilt, and breaks into some stunning three-part harmony. However it also breaks the idea of wanting peace and quiet.

The film ends with their costumes hanging from branches leaving our brains to fill in the rest.

Reviewer - Chris Benchley
on - 13/4/20

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