Saturday, 18 April 2020

CONCERT REVIEW: The Hankey Brothers: Gig In The Garden #2 - Warrington.

Jake and Josh Hankey are brothers who, during the lockdown are living together in their family home on the outskirts of Warrrington. When life was normal (remember that??) they sang and entertained for a living, and so, in order to keep those cogs turning and in an amazing expression of community spirit the brothers hit upon an idea. If no-one is going to the concert, then the concert must go to them.

One sunny afternoon they lugged their amps, mics and goodness knows what else outside onto their driveway, and whilst livestreaming the event on their Facebook page, they sang and entertained their area. The event proved popular and successful, and so yesterday, they did it again.

I missed it the first time round, but yesterday afternoon the boys came out and entertained - again live streaming on their facebook page - with songs from the pop repertoire. Their down-to-earth and upbeat heart-warming style was a winner form the start.

With songs such as 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', 'Gold', 'That's Amore', 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love', 'Rock DJ', and 'It's All About You', it proved to be a very popular set which lasted just over 30 minutes. We also heard one song ('Over The Rainbow') by Georgia-May Cox, Josh's girlfriend, which came as a lovely change of dynamic to the concert.

Finishing with 'Dancing In The Street' (which is literally what some of the audience were doing!) we say a huge thanks to the brothers for putting a smile on many people's faces and for keeping us entertianed in a most unique way during these difficult and strange times.

If you want to watch / listen to the concert then I believe it is still available on their Facebook page.

Reviewer - Chris Benchley
on - 18/4/20

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  1. Hi Chris
    What a lovely surprise ­čśÇ Thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed it. My husband and I both grew up In Tracy Drive (our Mums still live there!) And we bought our house 24 years ago, so the boys have lived here all their lives and our neighbours have seen us all grow up. A lot of them are now quite elderly, so the idea came from just wanting to cheer them up as so many of them have been self isolating for a number of weeks. We have been overwhelmed with the response and the boys are just happy to be able to give people a chance to forget about things for an hour. Weather permitting, they hope to do something special for VE Day on Friday 8th May.
    Once again thank you, your review is very much appreciated.
    Karen Hankey (Josh n Jake’s Proud Mum)