Tuesday, 14 August 2018

NEWS: Today we are 6 months' old!

I apologise for the rather self-congratulatory nature of this post, but am indeed extremely happy, grateful, and proud!

Number 9 is now officially the fastest growing Arts website in Greater Manchester!

With over 400 individual reviews / articles and almost 58,000 individual page views we are becoming more well known, trusted and respected as a serious and informative source of what is happening within the worlds of theatre, music and film not just in Greater Manchester, but also in Liverpool, Chester, West Yorkshire, Sheffield and Lancaster!

A massive thank you to all the venues, companies, individuals, promoters, PR agencies, producers, directors, actors, etc etc etc who have allowed us to come and cover your productions, and a big thank you also to all the reviewers who have given their time and critical analysis to review your shows.

Thank you all for a wonderful 6 months - here's to the future!! 

Matthew Dougall
Editor - Number 9.

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