Sunday, 30 June 2019

MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: 'The Change' by Aucoin.

“Stop you can’t help it’s changingWhy do you want control?It’s running with and without youIt’s moving in and around youThere’s nothing you can hold ontoCause the change is in youWhen you let go to it all...”

(Lyrics from ‘The Change’ appearing on album Release)

A powerful music video is so important, it can add impact, create emotion, be a focal point and can draw your attention. Music videos have become just as important as the music itself and one such video that has indeed created an impact is ‘The Change’ from Canadian indie rock musician, and described as a creatively ambitious one at that, Rich Aucoin.

Of the song itself, Aucoin says “It is about embracing change and letting go of the fear of it to take that chance. It’s also about the inevitability of that change so you can either fear it and resist or you can float down the river learning to swim amongst the current which you can’t control”

Hanlon McGregor, director of the video (along with Mihaly Szabados) describes the video:“Michael Finn aka Hanlon aka Papa looks back at his younger self through the mirror. Sees the moments when he knew something wasn’t quite right. The moments before he had language or understanding for that difference he saw in the mirror. Glimpses of the time before he was free to dance and to swim without limits or fear …the dream of so many trans people. His daughter Irene plays his younger self struggling to be seen. A phoenix appears to help clear the way, to remind him that on the other side of the flame, on the outside of the cocoon, the pain ends and the wings emerge.”

Such powerful words from McGregor about this heartwarming story. For me the video also reflects any changes in our oft complex and confusing lives, the video accompanied by the up-tempo song really helps to invigorate the mind and you learn to accept change as inevitable in all our lives. It should be embraced and we can but only be carried along that journey, that the real change is within us.

Singer/songwriter Aucoin was born, raised and is currently based in Halifax, Canada. Aucoin has been fully immersed in music ever since he can remember, learning how to play almost any instrument he could get his hands on while also teaching himself production and home-recording. A philanthropist at heart, Aucoin has raised money for several charities with his music. He has cycled coast to coast twice for both Childhood Cancer Canada and The Canadian Mental Health Association/Mental Health America; cycling to each show. He has also crossed Canada for the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation running a series of half-marathons.

You can watch the music video for ‘The Change’ here..

Reviewer - Mary Fogg
on - 30/6/19

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