Sunday, 23 June 2019

DANCE REVIEW: Catch Me - The Cutty Sark Gardens, London.

'Catch Me' at The Cutty Sark Gardens, London, presented as part of the Greenwich-Docklands International Festival by Upswing Dance Company performed an outdoor poetic duet showcasing the social boundaries enforced upon age and gender. This piece explores and endeavours to break down stereotyping and is done with the grace and beauty of movement.

The performance could be described as a theatrical game of musical chairs. Chairs were used to aid the movement and create a greater depth and dynamic to the presentation. The duet consisted of a young man and an older woman and their relationship was demonstrated through the beauty and elegance of their movement. Their connection was electric and their perfect balance of weight and stacking of gravity allowed an effortless performance. The entire piece was a genuine compilation of happiness, co-dominance, love and friendship. Their reliance on each other was evident and there was a beauty in their need for one and other.

The performance was topped off by the creation of shadow from the multiple chairs by the open air stage and the sun shining down over the Thames. Each chair was different, and used differently, be it stacked or balanced or upside down. The chairs were used to walk over and in turn created a unique and adaptable set. With the addition of a strong and emotional piano compilation, the entire performance was an eclectic mix of beauty through generations. The music was loud and overpowering allowing a complete emersion within the theatre. This piece was only 20 minutes long, however, I felt the narrative was portrayed with flare and I would have paid to watch the duo performance and dance together for hours. A thoroughly good experience.

Reviewer - Grace McNicholas
on - 22/6/19

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