Monday, 24 June 2019

MUSIC REVIEW: 'So Good Looking' - latest single from 'The Kooks'

The Kooks, an indie rock band from Brighton, have just released a new single “So Good Looking” and it is quintessentially indie with major summer vibes throughout. The band was formed in 2004 and currently consists of Luke Pritchard, Hugh Harris and Alexis Nunez.

As a Mancunian student, I am used to hearing The Kooks classics such as 'Naive' blasting out of the speakers at 42s and student bars alike, I can already tell this new single would be a hit there as well as in summer road trip playlists.

The catchy tune is very reminiscent of their earlier song “She Moves In Her Own Way” from the album ‘Inside In/ Inside Out’, the introductions of the two sound almost the same, hopefully this new song will follow in it’s footsteps as one of The Kooks' greatest hits.

The band have often been met with critical backlash but accessibility of their songs online rather than through radio has brought about a new generation of fans. Their last three albums all made it to the UK Top 20 charts and they filled huge venues such as Wembley during their greatest hits tour, they are one of the most successful indie bands and their success has only grown since they first appeared on the radar in 2004.

When asked about the past criticisms of their work, main singer Luke Pritchard joked in an interview in August 2018 with Belfast Telegraph; that this was because “We’re just so good looking”, a subtle nod to their upcoming single perhaps.

The band have a range of songs covering multiple genres such as the pop sounds of ‘Honey Bee’ to the rock sound of ‘Kids’ but all have those indie undertones which have made them an alternative favourite. The mix of soft ballads to dance numbers makes it easy to find a The Kooks song to fit your every mood.

The Kooks are currently touring and will be performing in Manchester on 12th July at Castlefield Bowl. Tickets are still available for their tour!

In summary, this feel-good song is definitely worth a listen. Ultimate summer track!

Reviewer - Amelia McLaughlin
on - 24/6/19

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