Thursday 9 December 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Ditching The Ugly Suit: Living Life As Someone Else - Ed Christiano

TITLE: Ditching The Ugly Suit: Living Life As Someone Else
AUTHOR: Ed Christiano
PUBLISHED BY: Lucadani Press

My antennae went up as soon as I read the title and premise of this book, it really is my cup of tea and I was hooked from page one.

In this current throw-away society where body parts can be inflated, re-modelled or completely exchanged for a ‘better’ version, the notion of this book really hits the mark. This futuristic story offers a complete change of lifestyle along with a different body of your choice. Readers will be enthralled at the concept and fascinated to think that one day in the future it may be possible, just as I was.

Alternatively, many people would love the opportunity to start again with their life; they’d like to ditch family and friends they don’t like or have become disillusioned with, for better versions or go it completely alone in a new life, have a completely fresh start. Who wouldn’t want to re-live their life knowing what they know and utilising what they’ve learnt so far in their life and applying that information in a new life in a completely different body? It seems that currently, many people are looking for a quick fix and this model will entirely suit their rationale.

The story is well-written, believable and easy to read; a real page-turner. I couldn’t wait to read what was going to happen next. Being transported to a strangely plausible, futuristic world is a concept many of us would like to experience and this story does just that in a very conceivable way. It is also very humorous and I laughed out loud at some of the scenarios, something I rarely do whilst reading a book.

I really took a shine to the characters in the story; they are well-rounded and likable, it was easy to get to know them and travel with them on their journey.

Additionally, the small sized chapters are something I like when reading a book; it makes it easy for readers to put the book down and pick up again and helps readers dip in and out of the story.

This book will make readers consider and think really hard about where society is going in this current world and how it will look in the future; they will no doubt ask themselves if the concept portrayed in the story could really happen and if so what will the consequences be. 

This story will have many readers sharing it with others to discuss the premise and its significances; it is a fascinating look into the future which many may either welcome or be terrified by. It will have them asking the question, which world do they prefer, the world they are in or the world being offered to them and it may be a difficult question to answer for some.

I really enjoyed this futuristic read; it is innovative and imaginative whilst at the same time realistic and credible; it is a frightening glimpse into a world many would want to be a part of which in itself is scary. I would recommend it to any book-lover who loves sci-fi with realistic plots and thought-provoking storylines.

Reviewer - Anne Pritchard

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