Tuesday, 12 November 2019

FILM FESTIVAL REPORTAGE: The Linear Film Festival - Todmorden.

Set in the gothic location of Todmorden Unitarian Church, Linear International Film Festival had its debut. They had a varied selection of films ranging from drama to horror which showcased some amazing talent from actors and the crew behind the scenes.

On arrival we were greeted by a lovely lady called Amanda Fleming who was one of the organisers of the event. She was very warm and welcoming, introducing herself to us as well as giving us a little overview of the day. Wristbands were given to enable people to come and go as they pleased which was great if you needed to run out and grab some food. They did have a big table full of refreshments at very reasonable prices including an incredible clapper board cake made by a local business.

The festival commenced at 1pm and began with a short introduction from Fleming who did a fantastic job of hosting the entire event. The day was broken down into genre categories, each concluding with a small presentation of the winners and a little question and answer section. There was also a small red carpet where people could have a photo opportunity, I enjoyed this small touch and felt it made the festival very professional. After the films had been shown a networking opportunity was organised for the end of the event that took place at a local pub, it was a great opportunity to be able to talk to some of the actors and directors involved.

Unfortunately there was only a small audience at the festival which I felt was such a shame as there was so much effort and professionalism that went into its making. Despite this it was a very friendly and warm atmosphere, hopefully next year it will have a bit more publicity so it gets the recognition it deserves.


Historical Drama
'Confessional' - I really enjoyed the creative camera shots and the different effects.

'Civil' - This had a great plot, I very much enjoyed the time period however I did feel the acting wasn't as strong as it could have been.

'En Clo Sure' - This was a fantastic short film. It was visually great, I thoroughly enjoyed the flashback scenes and the final scene of the flowers falling. Very strong cast, especially the two lead females.

'Mr Lonesome' - Some lovely camera shots, I really enjoyed the end image of the actress fading away.
'10 4' - I loved the culture shown in this film, fantastic scenery shots that really immersed me. Fantastic little girl actress, a star in the making.

North West Films
'Kaleidoscope' - Thoroughly enjoyed the camera shots that were from the little boys point of view, especially the scene from behind the scarves. I loved the plot of the film, it was very strong and hard hitting.
'Oscars Bell' - What a fantastic film! Great opening. The minimal speaking really helped build up the suspense. Very creepy, incredibly strong plot. This was by far my favourite film of the day. Well done to all involved in this one!
'Fellaz' - Hilarious and very well written short film. Good acting.
'Gemma And Helen' - Very funny, I enjoyed the chemistry of the two actresses.

'Self Entertainment' - This film I felt was a tad too long for my liking and quite wordy. More is less sometimes and I feel it needed this.
'Lady What Does' - Unfortunately this wasn't my cup of tea however I do think it was well executed and I thought the blood dropping on the chocolate was very visually effective.
'Huntington Gardens' - This was hilarious, very simple concept that everyone can relate to and well executed. Amazing acting.

Comedy Horror
'Killer Date' - What a brilliant film! Hilarious, well shot and thought the plot was fantastic. Great acting from both male leads. This film in my opinion should've won, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
'Dead Airport' - I didn't really understand what was going on in this film and it seemed to be never ending. It wasn't for me I'm afraid. 

Reportage - Bethany Suthers
on - 9/11/19

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