Monday, 30 September 2019

MUSIC REVIEW: DoveTales: Come Over Here

DoveTales are made up of songwriters Stef Rose (who is of Finnish descent), and Johnny Evans, a Mancunian. The band is completed with Victor Freeman (bass guitar) and Chris Joyce (on rhythm). They released their first EP (DoveTales: The Early Years) in September 2018 and they are now back with a single release titled “Come Over Here”.

The band describe themselves as getting together “with a love of great music and Indian food” – they sound like a very happy bunch when reading their profile information and any interview transcripts. Evans, for example, talks about how he started in music. On his way to the travel agent to book a trip to India, he walked by a guitar shop and ended up stopping off and buying a white Stratocaster – never getting to the travel agent. His experience prior to DoveTales includes being a touring member with Mancunian legends Happy Mondays.

I would describe the DoveTales sound as being pop, with a little bit of Indie rock thrown into the mix. The singing duties appear to be shared between Evans and Stef Rose, the “Come Over Here” vocals being provided by the latter. Her voice has a rough soothing quality about it, there is something mesmerising about her voice that just makes you want to hear more of it. Rose has been singing since the age of 12 but took a career break to have her 2 children, so has only recently been persuaded back into the music industry.

“Come Over Here” is an upbeat track with a very rhythmic melody; there's a real feel good start to the song that immediately catches your attention. By the time the chorus arrives the song already feels familiar which is the mark of a great track. “Come Over Here” really is a triumph and it continues the great work produced so far by DoveTales. I can only imagine there is much more to come.

Reviewer - John Fish
on - 30/9/19

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