Sunday, 11 August 2019

THEATRE REVIEW: Pamela's Palace - Assembly, The Box - Edinburgh

Inside a buzzing beauty salon, we are enticed into this hilarious interactive hour, inviting guests to view the lives of three comedic hairdressers, each trying to find their way through the modern world as we know it.

We first meet Bronwyn (Ayesha Tansey) an awkward, animated assistant, who creates laughter from the very start, drawing us in with her brilliant timing and clown like qualities.

Then Tiffany (Katie Grace Cooper) the brazen stylist whose main interest is entertaining us through comedy pouts and hair flicks. Tiff's memorable routine with an audience member is wonderfully perceived, as is seeing her more unguarded nature during phone calls to boyfriend, "Dante Alicante".
Finally Pamela (Donna Gray) the owner and stand out big boss in charge of the Salon, who is to excel and stay at the top of the Salon Chain. A fearlessly bold routine is met with vulnerability, making us warm towards a more 'human' Pamela towards the end of the show.

Combining physical comedy with truth, playful improvisations, dance and of course hair! Side splitting humour combined with todays expectations in society, Pamela's palace is an interactive fringe favourite and not to be missed!

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Guest Reviewer - Chloe Van Harding
on - 9/8/19

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