Friday 24 July 2020

ONLINE THEATRE REVIEW: Doing Whodunit - Northern Comedy Theatre

Doing Whodunit is a live online whodunit murder mystery by Northern Comedy Theatre. David Spicer has written a satirical piece especially for these times where we find theatres shutdown. The company has been established since 2015 and been very proactive in doing online pieces since lockdown.

If I could compare this production to anything it would be something like ‘The Show That Goes Wrong’. Although beforehand I believed I’d be watching a murder mystery play, it is in fact more a comedy. The premise just happens to be that it is a bunch of actors performing a murder mystery party, and it all seems to fall apart along the way.

You don’t have to be a fan of murder mysteris to enjoy Doing Whodunit. In fact it makes fun of them more than anything else. Our host for the evening is Inspector Dike (Kathryn Chambers) who is almost like a Hyacinth Bucket style character - overbearing and dramatic with a fake posh accent.

I’m not sure where the actors got their costumes from but top marks need to be given for pulling out the stops for the production. The only slight snag was that the character of Gabriella wore a black veil - it looked the part, but it kept rubbing against the actor’s microphone so a lot of rustling was picked up on the sound.

The script was great and instead of thinking who the murderer is, you’re left thinking what could possibly go wrong next. The actors have clearly worked together before as they vibe off each other well. Sure there were probably a few things that could have been tighter, but this was a live online production with everyone working in isolation. Well done all, the idea is fantastic and can’t wait to see what they do next.

Reviewer - Brian Madden

on - 23/7/20

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