Thursday 9 November 2023

AMATEUR THEATRE REVIEW: Remember, Remember - The Little Theatre, Knutsford.

What is the recipe for a good thriller / whodunnit? That is the million dollar question, and if the recipe is right, the play is an instant hit. In this play, 'Remember, Remember' [ an updating of the author's own play 'Penny For The Guy'] there are as many plot twists as you have had hot meals, and this keeps us very much on our toes throughout, and this seems to be the winning formula here, in this instant hit, the World Premiere production of the updated version.

The play is set in a upperclass area of London, and the living room of a wealthy couple, Peter and Barbara, and their daughter, Julia. Peter is eager to get to the airport to travel to Italy to close an important business deal, and Julia is fussing over what to wear for her new boyfriend who is coming round very soon. Outside we hear the sound of fireworks, it is November 5th. However nothing out of the ordinary happens, that is, until a masked Trick-Or-Treater walks into their living room through the open French Window and pulls a gun...

The living room set is nicely decorated / appointed, and works well throughout, although one was left wondering why both sofa and comfy chair were pointing directly at the audience (fourth wall). What was on that wall that made it the focal point of the room, when the French Windows were directly behind them. Sound effects and lighting were good and helped the setting of the play.  

My main misgiving this evening however was the fact that, seated towards the rear of the auditorium, I was unable to hear much of the dialogue. The majority of the cast spoke in their normal conversational tones, which sometimes failed to project far enough into the audience, and there were times when the enunciation and diction were unclear too. This was such a shame, as the script truly sparkled, and I would have loved to have been able to have heard and understood every word. My other concern is in the same area, and since the play was clearly set in London, there was a rather disturbing amount of Northern vocals this evening.

However, I enjoyed the play greatly, and the acting was consistent and solid throughout. A hugely enjoyable production, despite my above comments, and was very sincerely and convincingly portrayed by all six talented cast members.  

Reviewer - Matthew Dougall
on - 2.11.23

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