Wednesday, 15 January 2020

FILM REVIEW: Queen And Slim - HOME, Manchester.

Acclaimed music video director, Melina Matsoukas has produced and directed her feature film debut with Queen And Slim, and she clearly has a passion for getting film on the big screen, directed with great flair and enthusiasm. Queen & Slim was also produced by Lena Waite, Michelle Knudsen, Andrew Coles, Brad Weston and Pamela Abdy.

The story of Queen & Slim was created by James Frey and Lena Waite. The screenplay for the film was developed by Lena Waite, who's done a marvellous job bringing the story to life in her writing. Her writing was very realistic and also quirky at times too. The dialogue between the characters was done in an authentic way that the audience believed in the narrative of the story.

Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith played the principle leads in Queen & Slim. Their chemistry and dynamics were a joy to watch and one totally believed in their chatacters. They were supported by Bokeem Woodbine, Chloë Sevigny, Flea, Sturgill Simpson and Indya Moore. The acting was of a good standard.

Queen & Slim tells the story of an African American couple, whose Tinder date goes horrifically wrong, leaving them both forced to go on the run from the police. As the story progresses, the tension of their situation was incredibly heightened causing friction between the two characters on their journey together on the run. Ethic minority communities started to rally in support of them, which inevitably caused further conflict for them.

The music by Devonté Hynes in Queen & Slim, enhanced the story and the mood of the characters. Various songs were played at certain points throughout the film. The tunes had lovely harmonies, nice tempo to them and created a soulful atmosphere at times in the film too. The cinematography of Queen & Slim was breaktaking to watch from an audience perspective. There was excellent use of the various locations shown in the film. I particularly liked the panaromic scenes. 

Overall, Queen & Slim takes you on an incredible journey, where the two characters are running for their lives. The film has everything would expect in a romantic drama: sympathy, hightened emotions, romance, conflict, friction and tension. Really worth going to see as you will be glued to the big screen, waiting to their journey to come to an amazing climax.

Reviewer - Mark Cooper
on - 14/1/20

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