Tuesday, 20 August 2019

THEATRE REVIEW: Takin' It Easy 1916 - The Space, North Bridge, Edinburgh

I’ll say from the outset that Takin it Easy 1916, presented by Smirk Theatre, was not a good show. It’s a comedy about a village near Swindon who are astonished to find that an outsider will be opening the village fete. It’s like Royston Vasey on overdrive only far less funny as there’s only so far you can take parochial insular xenophobia before it becomes decidedly unfunny. It even includes stock character locals and this student team can add little to those flimsy characters but add a funny west country voice and a walking stick. They are not brilliantly cast for their respective roles which really doesn’t help.

My overriding issue with this play is not necessarily anything to do with performance or staging but a terrible script. There are one or two decent performances here but none of them funny where the writer intended them to be. It’s the sort of play which only the very least self aware amdram company would stage.

This sounds like a very negative review but I took a punt and that’s part of the charm of the Edinburgh Fringe. There are occasional gems amongst a varying standard of other shows. It’s kind of like an addiction where infrequent wins make the rest of it all worthwhile.

Reviewer - Karl Barnsley
on - 15/8/19


  1. Agree with the above. Poor, unfunny script. Over-acted. Certinly Not recommended viewing.

  2. Rubbish, unfunny script. Painful viewing.