Tuesday, 20 August 2019

THEATRE REVIEW: Catching Comets - The Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

A last minute decision took me to the Pleasance Courtyard to see Manchester-based company Ransack presenting their one-man storytelling show Catching Comets. There’s a lot to talk about here and some of it very beautiful. I don’t quite know how to explain what it is about but if I said Rambo films, a love story, worries of masculine inadequacy and a comet heading towards the earth this gives you some of the key themes in this whirlwind of a production.

Catching Comets has a slightly unusual design concept of a square of rope pulleys which transport what I can only describe as a magic crystal ball around the space. As absurd as it sounds I find a great mystery in how the ball is lit in multi colours. It’s one of those tiny, almost insignificant yet fascinating and magical things that I’m still thinking about. Unfortunately I can’t find much information about Ali Michael plays Toby the protagonist but I’d quite like to praise him for an excellent performance.

Written and Directed by Piers Black
Toby played by Ali Michael

Reviewer - Karl Barnsley
on - 15/8/19

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