Tuesday, 16 July 2019

NEWS: Do you know what happened after Peterloo?

Do you know what happened after Peterloo?

It is the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo massacre in Manchester but do you know what happened next?

The Riot Act on Saturday 20 July, 1.30pm and 3pm at Manchester Central Library, looks at the Lune Street massacre in Preston on August 12th 1842... just 23 years after Peterloo.

Lancashire cotton-workers again marched in protest at appalling pay and conditions. Reaching Preston’s Lune Street the protesters were confronted by the authorities and read the Riot Act. By August 13th seven men had been shot and four were dead.

Writer and director Rob Johnston said: "There are four characters played by two actors. Two of the characters are cotton mill workers, involved in the protests. Two of the characters are mill owners and one of the is also the mayor of Preston, Samuel Horrocks. There are some fictionalised characters too...

"I am a political writer anyway, all my work is political, so it's about the labour movement and socialism, and the development of all that in Britain."

Rob has been long-listed for The 2017 Royal Exchange Bruntwood Prize and won the award for Best Drama at Greater Manchester Fringe 2017 for Dark Satanic.

"I've had shows at Greater Manchester Fringe for quite a few years and there is always a great vibe about Greater Manchester Fringe. We were already touring and by the time we get to Greater Manchester Fringe it will be our final show. It just seemed like an apt plan to end the tour, especially as we will be performing about a minute away from where Peterloo took place."

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