Sunday, 17 June 2018

Exploded Circus - The Lowry Theatre, Salford.

Exploded Circus tumbled on to the Lowry Theatre stage in Salford this evening. The London-based all-female company Mimbre has created this magnificent display of acrobatics and juggling to celebrate the 250th anniversary of circus.

You are taken to a moment of frozen time following an explosion in a big top circus where all the remnants are suspended in mid air, such as chairs, hoops, bikes, bedheads, umbrellas, ladders, a carousel horse's head and many more objects. The stage is busy and hard to take everything in at first due to the chaos, but things soon begin to find their place.

Mimbre’s work extends the boundaries of any contemporary circus with its six strong cast of talented females Alice Allart, Farrell Cox, Coral Dawson, Arielle Lauzon, Rebecca Rennison and Lynn Scott. You are taken on an 80 minute 'explosion' of breathtaking aerial acrobatics, exciting juggling acts and some fantastic physical movement through balance, dance and tumbles.

The set was magnificent; Loren Elstein created a large metal structure with pulleys to suspend the silks, hoops, bicycles and tightropes creating an outstanding three-dimensional visual delight. The set worked smoothly as performers easily interchanged the scenes for them all to display their individual talents.

Artistic director Lina Johansson has mixed the skills of the six ladies to create a story told without words of how from a world of chaos following the explosion, they can create a new world of change, belonging and hope.

Lighting by Amy Mae enhanced the storytelling with the spotlights and the injections of colour and shade created the appropriate atmosphere for the story whilst Composer, Quinta had music playing throughout adding to the ambience of the evening.

Lots of breathtaking moments throughout the evening but the highlight for me was when the slack-rope walkers Alice Allart and Arielle Lauzon displayed their talents whilst balancing on a light-filled rope and also when all six ladies balanced on a moving bike.

Exploded Circus is striking imagery, uniqueness and humour the evening is one you will remember for some time as this is no ordinary circus but an explosion of captivating excellence. 

Highly recommended for all ages, and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed as it hits all your senses with its dazzle and daring display of circus paraphernalia. The big top ‘classic’ circus will never compare to the fast pace of these talented females. I was in awe of their strength and elegance throughout the evening.

Reviewer -:Katie Leicester
on - 16/6/18

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